5 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneurfeatured

  So, you have decided to become an entrepreneur or, perhaps, you have already been in that role for a while. Congratulations! While you have your work cut out for you (Even if you are an old pro at this, the “work” never stops.)  I can promise, you will feel a range of emotions that Read more


Tips to Staying Organized and Keeping Your Sanityfeatured

We all have them. Those colorful paper piles sitting staunchly on various tables and counters in your house. They embrace long-forgotten magazine articles and appointment reminders. Past-due bills lay buried under their weight. The possibility is very real that your calendar that you are supposed to be checking daily is nestled under that random tower of Read more


5 Strategies for Life-Work Balance During the Holidaysfeatured

This month has not been conducive to a life-work balance for me. What the big picture really looks like is “work, work…short sprints of down time…work, work”. It’s not always like that though. What has thrown the balance off between LIFE (translated: living, breathing, laughing, connecting OUTSIDE of work) and WORK is that we’re in the throes of the Read more