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Remember the old Folger’s Coffee slogan, “The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup”?

I hate Folger’s Coffee.

BUT – if it was the last coffee on earth I would be tipping the carafe because this girl has to have her coffee.

Coffee is not a want, it’s a need.

I’m almost positive that coffee beats diamonds any day as a girl’s best friend. Ok, not EVERY girl but just about every woman I know that strives to function as close to 90% with the 1,001 things she has to do in a day. Depending on the day, she may need a whole pot of coffee over just one cup.

Go with me on this for a minute. Think about most of the offices you walk into in America and tell me you won’t spot a coffee pot within the first five minutes. I was in a Chase Bank branch the other day making a deposit and they had a coffee station set up for customers. Really? I don’t know about you, but I hardly have time to make a deposit at the bank and linger over a cup of coffee and a brochure on investment options while I’m there. As a side note, if you are there waiting to speak to a customer service representative long enough to drink a cup a coffee, you probably need to change banks. Just saying…

Does coffee reveal your personality?

Can your coffee reveal your personality?

I think I would almost be accurate in claiming that you can determine a person’s personality just by sauntering over to them and peeking in their coffee cup to see the color of their coffee. My analysis is that people who drink their coffee black without a hint of sweetness in it are the drill sergeant types who wake up in bed in the morning and start barking out orders to everyone before they even get the slippers on their feet. To them, taking time to stir in sugar and creamer is a complete waste of valuable time that could be better spent conquering the world. They live on the edge and worry that, if they took the time to add cream and sugar to their coffee, they might miss something important happening in the universe.

On the other hand, those that leisurely sprinkle in a few teaspoons of sugar and pour creamer in their coffee with abandon, only to gingerly sip it to make sure they got it just the way they like it, are the peacemakers of mankind. They like life slow and easy and, even if they are 20 minutes away from an important project deadline, will still slip over to the microwave to heat their coffee back up to a pleasurable temperature. Coffee is not only a necessity in their life, it is their security blanket.

This is where I fit in. It’s not that I mind a little challenge in my life, I’m just not going to do it over boring, black and, heaven forbid, COLD coffee.

Coffee travel mug

Still skeptical about coffee defining your personality type?

A clinical psychologist by the name of Dr. Ramani Durvasula actually conducted a survey of coffee drinkers’ personalities. (Someone who obviously has too much time on their hands.) Have some fun reading the results of this survey (Or, if you drink your coffee black, maybe you will be offended. Lighten up… (Get it? Lighten up? Lol.)

Last December, I was at a church conference where the preacher was encouraging everyone to read their Bibles more faithfully in the upcoming new year. One suggestion he gave was to eat or drink something you love while you are reading your Bible so that your brain will associate the pleasurable experience with your Bible reading time and you will enjoy reading the Bible more. Naturally, I went right home from that conference and drank a cup of coffee every time I read my Bible and read from Genesis to Revelation in 12 months! I’m not kidding! Thank God I didn’t indulge in cheesecake instead of coffee or I would have needed to buy bigger clothes this year.

Photo of cheesecake on a plate

I love coffee.

It’s not like I cannot function in the mornings without my coffee like some folks who won’t even speak to anyone until they are halfway through their second cup, but I do find a comfort in the rustic aroma filling the air and the warm, rich taste of my favorite, extra dark roast coffee (after adding in 1/3 cup of Italian Sweet Cream Creamer!).

Even my husband knows, if I have had a bad day, that he just has to run through Starbucks and life will magically be all better. (Especially if I can earn Starbucks’ star rewards for my purchase!) When I’m tired from a long day at work, anyone at home expects they will be getting a text from me demanding, “Turn that coffee machine on.”
Equally important to me is the coffee cup I am drinking out of. Who wants to drink out of a cup that has chips on the rim and has a logo that says, “Bob’s Pesticide – We Purge ‘Em Out“, or something horrid on it? (Sorry to all the “Bobs” out there.) I like to make my coffee mug a part of my experience too. Right now, my current favorite says, “Hello Gorgeous”, in case my self-esteem is low that day.

What is really going to make me sound like a pathetic addict is that I have already requested either a new Keurig or a fancy Nespresso machine for Christmas AND I am typing this blog post while sitting in (drum roll please…) Starbucks! Wow, Regina.

According to Huffington Post’s article, America’s Coffee Obsession: Fun Facts That Prove We’re Hooked, over 400 million cups of coffee are gulped down by Americans every day. Read about more fun facts Huffington Post had to say about our coffee addiction:

Link coffee facts post

So, be nice. Don’t judge me. I’m part of the majority.

Coffee is what makes the world go around. Think about it, people almost always say,

“Let’s meet for coffee” – NEVER, “Let’s meet for lemonade.”

I rest my case. 🙂

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