Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Are you a business owner that feels like you do nothing else besides spend all your free time working on the administrative end of your business? Do you feel like you never “catch up” on all that needs to be done and your personal time is eaten away with business “to-do” lists? Maybe you are a blogger or author who loves the process of writing but needs someone else to edit your work and make suggestions or even take care of other administrative tasks so you can spend more time writing. How about having someone else do your social media designs and posting so you have one less thing to do? You might need a Virtual Assistant!  You need a virtual assistant!

What is a Virtual Assistant Anyway?

A virtual assistant can be your best friend in terms of your sanity regarding your business. A virtual assistant wears many hats and a host of tasks can be outsourced to them.

What are a few other benefits of working with a virtual assistant rather than hiring an on-site employee?

  1. Works remotely so you do not have to provide a workspace, computer, copier, and all those extras that an employee would need to run your business. (Virtual assistants have their own equipment and work at their own location!)
  2. Is an independent contractor so you do not have the costs of taxes, benefits or vacation pay.
    (Sounding better all the time, right?)
  3. Has hourly or package rates so your time is never wasted.
  4. Available for short or long-term projects – it all depends on your needs.

Hire virtual assistantHow can I help you? I have over ten years administrative experience. Here are a few areas we can work together on:

  • General Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)
  • Document Drafting (Microsoft Office 365)
  • Media & Blog Managing (creating content, designing & posting on social media, blog posts & more)
  • Basic Website Set-Up (WordPress)
  • Email Organization, Newsletters (MailChimp)
  • Calendar Management
  • Academic Writing Projects
  • Copy Editing & Proofreading
  • Customer Appreciation (mailing out gifts, holiday cards, etc.)

These are just a few suggested areas but I can work with you on customizing based off of your needs for your business. If you are local to Yuma, Arizona, I am also a Notary Public. Furthermore, I am also willing to negotiate pick-up and delivery of work for local businesses in Yuma, Arizona and immediate surrounding areas.


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Rates and Packages for Virtual Assistance